Private Lessons

One Hour Lessons

Our private, one hour lessons are offered during our Fall, Winter and Spring Sessions- as well as the summer months.

  • Open to 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th graders
  • 4 max in each private group

* athletes will be grouped by grade in school/ or skill level.

* privates are held on same day as practices or when gym is available.


“Daughter never played volleyball? Go to airborne. Want your child to brush up on skills to try out for a jr high team? Go to airborne.

Airborne volleyball has been huge in my life. I coached here for over 6 years while in college and still help out if needed. The kids who come in and have never played a day in their life leaving just after 10 weeks loving the game. That’s what makes airborne volleyball amazing. The smiling faces, the atmosphere, the parents, the love of Jesus it’s just all in one place.“

- Nessa

privates pic

Cost for Privates

Private: (1 girl with 1 coach)  $60

Semi-Private: (2 girls/ 1 coach)  $30 each

Group: (3 girls/1 coach)  $25 each

Group: (4 girls/1 coach)  $20 each

4 kids max in privates

Privates with our D1 Summer Coaches
$30 each athlete ( 2 min / 6 max each private )

Privates Dates & Times

Privates during Summer

1 hour privates after Saturday Open gyms 

@ Conroe First A/G Church

Dates:  Saturday's 
June 11, 18 & 25
July 16 & 23

" Contact Us" to request a spot for privates
include: daughters name, grade, date(s) requesting, your email and phone number. You will receive an email confirmation once booked.

* all privates are held on same day as practices