Coaches Corner

Thank you for visiting our website. AirBorne Volleyball has been training kids from all over the Montgomery County Area since 2009.  We are very passionate about what we do in the gym.  Our coaches and staff feel very blessed to be developing the skills and volleyball IQ of the kids that come and train with us.

One of the greatest rewards that we see is that the kids develop a real love for the game of volleyball. We know that most of our kids will make their school team and many will go on to excel on the club & college level. We are very proud of EVERY athlete that we train- no matter if their goal is to just have fun or to one day play in the Olympics- AirBorne is a great place to start!!

At AirBorne we have 4 main goals:

1) Teach proper form of all skills: overhand serving-passing-setting and hitting.

2) Develop each child's volleyball IQ through practice, tournaments and on court instruction

3) Make every practice fun! Practice Hard- Play Hard- Win Big!

4) Give every athlete a great foundation & the tools they need to be successful in this sport

At the end of every practice at AirBorne Volleyball the kids huddle and one will yell out  "What are we?"...the team will shout back "CHAMPIONS!!"...and that's what these kids are...Champions.

We look forward to training the next group of talented girls in our community.

In His Courts-

Coach Linda Irvine
Owner / Director

AirBorne Volleyball