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About Us

AirBorne Volleyball is a Developmental Program that was started in August 2009 by Linda Irvine who serves as the Director. After coaching on the varsity level, Coach Irvine recognized the great need for kids to receive proper instruction in the sport. Many had participated in youth sports in their communities but had developed "bad form" that was hard to break. At AirBorne Volleyball the goal is to teach proper form in a fun enviornment. We want to assist the local junior highs in "preparing" their future athletes. In addition, it is our goal that the kids that come through our program will earn starting positions on school and club teams.

At Airborne Volleyball every participant will receive the same instruction and the coaches will help everyone advance at "their pace". Proper form of all skills is a must. In addition to form and skills work, there will be fun games played at every practice with an in-house tournament on the last night of the session. Coaches will "build" on skills learned.Each session we try to offer 2 Saturday tournaments but this varies from session to session based on enrollment and other gyms schedules.

Developmental Training for 3rd, 4th , 5th and 6th graders
Taking it to the Next Level Training for 7th & 8th graders

10 week Sessions :-  AirBorne is a great place to take it to the next level and have a lot of fun while you do.  Practices are geared toward the quick advancement of skills. Conditioning- core training and drills that will be seen on the junior high and club courts are taught. Our training is for the beginner and also those preparing for junior high, club  try-outs and high school. We work on "progression"- once a skill is learned - we take it to the next level. Each practice will have 1 hour of drills and instruction and 1/2 hour of team training and tournament play. 2-3 tournaments will be offered each session.

Private Lessons & Open Gyms
We offer private lessons for 5th-9th graders.  We also do team training and hold "open gyms" each summer for 7th-9th graders. Kids form teams with others from their school and compete. Open gyms are a great way to get in the gym before school or club try-outs.

Airborne Volleyball Mission Statement: 
To provide youth the opportunity to learn the basic skills of volleyball (passing-setting-hitting-overhand serving) and then help them soar to new heights! Preparing young athletes for school and club teams. Helping each athlete reach their goals while teaching the importance of good sportsmanship-perseverance-and setting and reaching goals. Our desire is that every young person who comes to AirBorne Volleyball will not only take flight on the volleyball court but in life as well. 

AirBorne Volleyball is NOT affliated with any CLUBS at this time, but we do work with area schools and clubs as we help "prepare" their future athletes.